Virtual Fundraising

Fundraising events up across the country have been cancelled due to Covid19. However, funds to support cutting edge cancer treatment and care are still needed.

So, how can you continue to fundraise in this new environment?

Coffee Morning
Join your Friends for a Virtual Coffee Morning!

As well as being a wonderful opportunity to get together with friends and have a chat over a cuppa, coffee mornings are a fundraising staple - so many community groups raise funds for local charities like NECRET through events like this!

In these challenging times, gathering with others in your local community centre, church hall, or friend's front room is most likely difficult or impossible. But in this digital age, why not try a virtual get-together?

If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer, there are lots of video calling platforms available such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Teams, Whatsapp or Google Hangouts.

Pick the platform that works best for your needs, decide when it will take place, and then send out an invitation to family and friends - encouraging them to make a small donation for attending! You could even bake especially for the occasion and show off your goodies online!

Was Your Event Cancelled?

Due to the Covid19 crisis most events are being cancelled or postponed.

Although clearly the right thing to do, many charities will feel this acutely. Each year charity supporters raise vast amounts of crucial sponsorship monies through events like organised bike rides and runs.

We also know that a lot of you will have trained hard for your events – and many of you will have already raised sponsorship. So what we’re proposing is...why not do the event anyway?

That way, your training won’t go to waste, and you’ll still be able to raise funds to help support cancer patients.

Obviously you can't gather your friends, but if you can run your distance alone on your local roads, if you have a treadmill or a stationary bike, or if you have space at home to run - and NECRET had a gentleman who amazingly ran a marathon and ½ around his house and garden! Why not take on a challenge?

You could even make it a family event. For those of you that prefer hiking challenges rather than running, we recently heard of someone who fundraised by climbing the height of Mount Everest on their own stairs.

Host a Virtual Quiz!

Everyone loves a pub quiz, but obviously, your local isn't open at the moment. So why not try a virtual one, and raise funds for us?

Create your quiz, pick a time and date, and invite your friends, then use a platform like Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, Teams, or House Party to virtually get together.

You can make it a fundraising event by asking people to pay to play (like they would a regular pub quiz!) or donate the cost they would normally spend on a couple of drinks.

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