NECRET Stories

Johanne & Antoine

We won't bore you with all the details because those of you who know us are aware that in 2011 our Mother Esther was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and the following year I (Johanne) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

What we do want to tell you is that the Drogheda Oncology Unit are the most dedicated and caring bunch of people we encountered on our journey. From day one when Niamh talked us through what to expect and comforted us through our tears to the weeks of chemotherapy where the highly trained oncology nurses led by Liz gave us the highest standard of care and made us feel comfortable and special. Dr. Hennessy is truly dedicated to curing people from cancer and over the years I have seen him and the staff of oncology give their free time to educate the public on cancer and treatments that are available. We saw over the 3 yrs of being being in their care that the funding from the NECRET charity ensures that the unit in Drogheda has some of the best equipment in the country. I can tell you that something as basic as a comfortable bed which they have in their unit is not available in other big hospitals in Dublin where people quite often have only a chair to sit on while receiving chemotherapy over a number of hours.

They are always there to listen and give advice and I will never forget Marie (out-patients) who is in well deserved retirement now and the kindness she showed our very sick Mother in her final years.

Even today, 5 years on for me since treatment I know I can just pop in or phone the girls for advice.

They are truly a unique bunch of people and we hope that our naked madness will help to raise a few bob to help make life easier for them and their future patients.

Love and Thanks.

Johanne and Antoine

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