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Being Lung Cancer Aware

lung cancer aware

Being Lung Cancer Aware is Important – Know the Symptoms

January is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. However the number of people in Ireland who can name what any symptoms of this disease are has been shown to have fallen – a study by the Global Lung Cancer Coalition to measure the levels of symptom awareness among the public has indicated.

Symptom Awareness & Early Detection is Critical.

See your GP if you have any of these signs or symptoms:

  • a cough that lasts for three weeks or more
  • a change in a cough you have had for a long time
  • a chest infection that doesn’t get better, or repeated chest infections
  • feeling breathless for no reason
  • coughing up blood
  • a hoarse voice that lasts for three weeks or more
  • pain in your chest or shoulder that doesn’t get better
  • losing weight for no obvious reason
  • feeling more tired than usual.

These symptoms can be caused by other things. Most people with these symptoms do not have lung cancer. But if you have any symptoms, it is important to see your GP. You can find more information about cancer signs & symptoms here. Click to find out more…

January is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and the public can access a simple online lung health checker at

According to Kevin O’Hagan, the Cancer Prevention Manager for the Irish Cancer Society
“One in four lung cancer cases are being diagnosed in Emergency departments and many of these are at an advanced stage. Irish people need to get checked if they experience any symptoms and not wait to present as an emergency. Late diagnosis limits your treatment options and reduces your chances of survival.”

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