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How to Support

Businesses can get involved in many ways, including:

Make us your Charity of the Year

By choosing NECRET as your Charity of the Year, you can really help give your staff a focus for their fundraising activities and at the same time make a real difference to the lives of local cancer patients.

Get involved as a sponsor

Supporting our charity can be a great way of making a positive impact of local cancer patients. Company sponsored events promote your organisation to a wider audience and is a great way to ensure that all money raised goes straight to helping local cancer patients.  This is a great opportunity to achieve your corporate social responsibility objectives.

Another option is for your business is to sponsor a cancer education or awareness campaign.

Gifts in Kind

Providing gifts in kind such as raffle prizes for our annual Christmas draw or events is a very easy way to support our work.

You may also wish to provide small branded promotional items that could be added to goody bags we distribute at events. These are a great way to increase awareness of your business and the support you give to local charity.

If you company has specific skills or expertise that could aid NECRET, the pro bono service could save us incurring that cost.

Corporate Donations

Donations from staff organised events are a fabulous way of making sure that local people receive the best care possible.

They also create positive PR for your company and recognition of the values you promote.  It is also great for business too as good people like to work for good companies.  Many companies offer a match funding schemes whereby funds raised by their employees (up to a specified limit) are matched by the company.

We can discuss with you the various ways a corporate donation can be made and directed. We also have a recognition programme in place dependent on the size and type of donation, which we can also develop with you directly.

Employee Fundraising

Another option is to encourage employees to give through payroll deductions, hosting an event, taking part in a sporting event or a challenge to benefit our charity.

Tax Efficient Giving

If you have donated €250 or more to the North East Cancer Research and Education Trust there is a tax back charity scheme available (at no cost to you) which means your contribution is worth even more for the charity.

For instance, if you donated €250 last year simply by filling out the CHY3 tax relief form it increases that amount to €362.32.

Download the CHY3 form or call us on 0867773294 and we’ll put one in the post.