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Simply fill in the form below and we will post a Registration Form and Sponsorship Card to you within a few days. Please complete this form and send back to us by post or email.

If you are intending to organize a Group to Dip together and have 5 or more ladies, please email or text 086 7773294  with your name, address and the names in your group. We also ask that your group has a name – we had some brilliant names over the years.

We have a different coloured registration form for groups which we can group post out to you along with the individual sponsorship cards or send to each group member.


Come along at 9.00 pm to our meet up in the Westcourt Hotel Drogheda the night before the Dip. Get to know your fellow Dippers. Lots of fun with drinks and finger food and there might even be a bit of time for some real body painting so as to get you ready for the big day.

STEP 3:      READY … STEADY … DIP!!!

Gather at 6.45am at the Westcourt Hotel, Drogheda. Submit your sponsorship money to the fundraising team and then get limbered up for your Dip with a fun-filled Zumba session and the customary complimentary Dutch Courage reception.

Climb aboard a nice warm coach to bring you to the beach (most definitely a secret location). Arrive at the beach for dipping at 9.00am. Before you dip youll take time at the now famous Wishing Tree where you can write and leave messages for your loved ones. Then after the actual dip enjoy a well-earned hot breakfast served on the beach by our Surprise Guests”, pose for a few photos while taking in a few laughs with other like-minded dippers. Collect your certificate of achievement, be part of the prizegiving ceremony for the best-dressed non-dressed person all before climbing back on board the coach to return to the Westcourt Hotel.


Return with a warm glow and a proud feeling while having a cup of tea and a bun served between the Hotel and McCloskeys Bakery. Feel the satisfaction of knowing that your Dip will help people right across the region under-going cancer treatment.


Its our secret weapon in the fight against cancer. Spearheaded by one of Ireland leading cancer specialists Professor Bryan Hennessy, NECRET provides funding for focused activities that will improve the treatment and outcomes of people with cancer – keeping it at the very cutting edge.

This is what we do with the money raised by the Dip In The Nip:

  • Funding state of the art equipment to help our clinicians remain at the very forefront of the fight against cancer.
  • Conducting and contributing to much needed clinical cancer research into new treatment methodologies
  • Supporting top quality training to help our medical staff treating cancer patients be the very best they can be.
  • Enhancing the support and care provided to cancer patients by the Unit to make their stay as comfortable as possible including chairs, heat blankets and other things that help to improve quality of care for cancer patients.

For any queries about the event please should you like to join a ready made small group of ladies we can put you in touch with them.


After you fill in the contact box above we will then post out your registration form and sponsorship card in the next few days.

06:45 AM:

Everyone arrives at the Westcourt Hotel in Drogheda. Sign in takes place and sponsorship money is handed over, some ladies get dressed up as in body paint, ware wigs, and long necklaces, then we do a bit of Zumba dancing to warm up.

08:00 AM – 08:15 AM:

Buses are provided to bring you to the Beach, we arrive there about 8.30 am a bit more dancing

09:00 AM:

This is the approximate time for when the Dip takes place after the dip you will be having a laugh and a warm cup of tea and hot dog. We then give out a few fun best non dressed prizes to both groups and individuals.

11.00 AM:

We head back to the Westcourt Hotel to change clothes and then across the road to the famous Moorland Cafe (Mc Closkeys) on West Street for a well earned coffee and a bun!!