Dip In the Nip

Dip In the Nip


Simply fill in the form below and we will post a Registration Form and Sponsorship Card to you within a few days. Please complete this form and send back to us by post or email.

If you are intending to organize a Group to Dip together and have 5 or more ladies, please email dipnortheast@gmail.com or text 089 9595976 with your name, address and the names in your group. We also ask that your group has a name – we had some brilliant names over the years.

We have a different coloured registration form for groups which we can group post out to you along with the individual sponsorship cards or send to each group member.


We promise you will feel energised and fulfilled but if you don't believe us take time to read Brenda's recap of her experience last year:

I had a feeling of excitement and nerves and pure adrenalin rushing through my body waiting on the beach to run into the sea. We all held hands and I can remember as I reached the water thus wave of indescribable emotion and calm coming over me. I was the only cancer survivor in our group so the girls hugged me and cried with me and I stood in the middle of a circle of these amazing supportive strong women and I dunked myself under the water!! When I came up we all cried and I don't think I have ever and ever will experience the feeling of empowerment...calmness....love...strength...and pure joy I felt. There are no words to genuinely describe how truly amazing I felt. I still almost a year later get a wave of emotions when I think about it. There were women of all ages, shapes and sizes on that beach that day and it didn’t matter what anyone looked like. It was quite remarkable. I honestly can't wait to run into that sea again and meet more strong beautiful women and raise money for what is such an amazing cause


It’s our secret weapon in the fight against cancer. Spearheaded by one of Ireland leading cancer specialists Professor Bryan Hennessy, NECRET provides funding for focused activities that will improve the treatment and outcomes of people with cancer – keeping it at the very cutting edge.

This is what we do with the money raised by the Dip In The Nip:

Funding state of the art equipment to help our clinicians remain at the very forefront of the fight against cancer.

Conducting and contributing to much needed clinical cancer research into new treatment methodologies.

Supporting top quality training to help our medical staff treating cancer patients be the very best they can be.

Enhancing the support and care provided to cancer patients by the Unit to make their stay as comfortable as possible including chairs, heat blankets and other things that help to improve quality of care for cancer patients.

For any queries about the event please should you like to join a ready made small group of ladies we can put you in touch with them.


After you fill in the contact box above we will then post out your registration form and sponsorship card in the next week or so.


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