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Cancer Researcher Cancer Researcher Cancer Researcher

Cancer is now the number one killer in Ireland and many other countries around the world. It sadly causes 1 in 4 deaths as cancer incidences continue to rise 1 in 2 people in Ireland will develop cancer during their lifetime. For us, every person is one too many.

In continuing to improve cure rates and better outcomes for people with this disease, clinical cancer research will be at the very heart of these efforts.

Our researchers can only continue working towards advancing new cancer treatments, if they have funding that they can rely on throughout the different cancer type projects they are studying.

NECRET also funds equipment and consumables in addition to salary costs for researchers.

Equipment items includes those designed for specific analysis including Sequenom and RPPA. Other items include Imaging equipment (microscopes), Electrophoresis equipment and essential lab items i.e. centrifuges, fridges & freezers, CO2 incubators, cell counter and pipettes

Materials includes all plastics for cell culture, lab chemicals, kits for PCR experiments and drugs used in toxicity tests.

By sponsoring a researcher or scientist, you will be supporting cutting edge cancer research projects be it early stage discovery or research into new treatments.

Your support can help support these researchers, to do so please visit https://necret.ie/donate

If you have any questions about donating, please call Ciaran 086 7773294 or email ciaran@necret.ie

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