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A message from our Ambassador Susan Stanley who describes her experience of the Dip below:

” I first dipped after many years of infertility, investigations ,drugs and feeling betrayed by my body. finally having a baby I wanted to celebrate this and when I saw a poster for the Dip in the Nip I thought why not give it a go and raise some money for our oncology unit. I was terrified and barely said a word to anyone. Stripping off and stepping into the cold water was life changing for me. It was the final recognition and acceptance of my body.

I did not even see other people as being naked but rather as a group of positivity. We danced, We laughed together, some of us cried. We all had a story and reason for being there. For some it was a recognition of their own struggles, for some a memorial to a loved one. We all left the beach feeling uplifted and energised …. and I was hooked!”
“Year on year the dip has gotten bigger. We still dance and laugh and cry. We see the same faces changing and new faces. Women in groups and by themselves, although never alone for long.

The hats and hairstyles get whackier. Body paint and glitter, gems and flowers.
A glass of bubbly to start proceedings followed by dancing to warm us up and shake off our inhibitions, some ribald remarks, a radio interview and a rousing chorus of “we don’t have to take our clothes of to have a good time” (bet you sang that 😉.

A celebration of women. A noisey bus trip, the gasps when we see the sea…. more dancing, nervous laughing and then a quiet moment, a note on the memory tree, a minute spent in thought or prayer….
10,9,8…..2,1…. and we’re off….

All ages, shapes, sizes and colours, 2 boobs, no boobs. walking, running; holding hands, holding bellies, holding our bladders…. screaming, laughing, gasping, up to our ankles, knees, and beyond. Washing off our worries and inhibitions.

And afterwards the nicest cup of tea EVER and maybe a sossie sambo. Everyone sitting around chatting, laughing, congratulations to virgin dippers, catch ups being shared by others. Back to town where you’ll see women in dressing gowns or mermaid costumes drinking more tea and having a sticky bun. With promises to meet again next year and hugs its over for another year”
Skinny dipping is like chocolate…. always a good idea!!”

A growing number of cancer practices are sequencing the DNA of tumors to uncover their genetic abnormalities. The aim: to pair a drug with the specific mutation fueling a patient’s disease.

Corey Wood was an athlete and a college student when she found out she had stage IV non-small cell lung cancer. But a targeted drug has made her tumors shrink away. 

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